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Probate Law
Let our office assist you with your final arrangements:

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Our firm can help you make your final arrangements, so that your loved ones are protected. In a no-cost consultation, we will review your estate and help you decide whether a will or a trust is right for you. We will also explain who will inherit if you make no arrangements at all.

Both a will and a trust will pass your property to whomever you designate. Some people have a fear of probate which is unjustified. One advantage of the probate process is that a Judge oversees the distribution of your assets and makes sure your wishes are carried out.

Some people are better off with a living trust. Probate fees can be avoided, and it takes little time to settle a well written and fully funded trust. We will discuss all your options, including “Summary Probate”.

If you find yourself in a situation where litigation is necessary, we are skilled to handle those needs as well. We are here to help - Whether it be in setting up your will or trust, assisting you with choosing a mortuary, probating your estate or settlling your living trust, Long Beach Law is always at your service.

Don’t put off this important responsibility. Your family will be thankful for your foresight.

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