Civil Law

Defense of nuisance lawsuit - Serious personal injury - Wrongful death

Civil Law Attorneys    "Reba" and "Stephanie"

Civil Law Attorneys

"Reba" and "Stephanie"

Judith R. was a retired teacher when she found herself a defendant in a civil suit for thousands of dollars.

An acquaintance had forged her signature as a cosigner and no amount of common sense reasoning would convince the big bank prosecuting her that she did not owe the money. Further, her homeowners insurance policy had lapsed. What do to?

We undertook Judith's representation, and brought in a questioned document examiner. Case dismissed!

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LBL Nuisance

Living in the city we are all closer to our neighbors than we might like. Lots of folks have dogs for personal security. There are many ways cases come to us. Maybe its your job to deliver flyers, or you were walking a dog with its owners permission when you were bit. Whatever the case, a dog owner is strictly liable for any damage their dog inflicts.  This is a personal injury, which can be very serious, and we can represent you for either plaintiff work or defense.


Serious Personal Injury

Even if you are a good driver, others aren't. If you have been injured in an auto accident, whether your were driving or a pedestrian, call us. Sometimes  insurance will handle the problem, but in serious personal injury there just may not be enough on the other driver's policy. Further, if you engage in settlement negotiations yourself, you can make mistakes due to the complex patchwork of California lien law.  If its serious, get serious, call us.


Wrongful Death

There is nothing that will replace your loved one. The tragedy is worse when it should not have happend at all. Even though a wrongful death lawsuit can only replace your loss monetarily, you owe it to yourself and your children to see it through. Whether the death was from a negligent car crash, or an intentional act, you, as next of kin have rights.  We will work with you in a sensitive manner, and hold the wrongdoers feet to the fire in civil court.