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Statement of Decision regarding the 2016 "People v Moroney" in Long Beach regarding Lewd Conduct. Read it HERE

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Criminal defense lawyer    A. Stephanie Loftin

Criminal defense lawyer

A. Stephanie Loftin

Arrested? - Stephanie says “You Have the Right to Remain Silent” which means, Shut up! When accused, many people believe that by telling the authorities the whole story (like with your mommy when you broke her vase) all will be forgiven and people will understand.

This is a fantasy in the criminal court system. If you want an aggressive legal defense by dedicated, diligent lawyers, help us help you by not spilling your guts. Bring us the facts and our experienced lawyers will evaluate your case and develop our preliminary strategy before even setting foot in the courtroom.


People are people, however, if you have been a "Chatty Cathy", we can help mitigate that damage. No matter what you have done, felony or misdemeanor, you deserve someone to hold the prosecution’s feet to the fire on your behalf. They have the burden of proof, you are innocent until proven guilty.

Why pay for a lawyer?

Its true that the Public Defender does not cost, and if you have no funds, this may be your only option. Remember, however, you get what you pay for. Although there are many dedicated public defenders, there are way too many cases for each of them to give you their undivided attention.  Some of them are even "dumpsters." With your personal liberty at stake, don't risk it!

If you want an aggressive legal defense, tailored to your specific facts, come in for a case evaluation.  You will receive the opinion of a dedicated, diligent, experienced lawyer, who can guide you through your legal options. So whether  you have been recently arrested, or are already facing trial, call us now. Stephanie has handled misdemeanor, felony, and third strike cases successfully. Whether you are guilty or not, protect your rights, and make 'em prove their case!

To bail or not to bail out?

Your Arraignment, where you first plead not guilty, is supposed to happen within 48 hours of arrest. It is fairly routine to see arraignment 72 hours after arrest, especially if you were nabbed on a Friday. Unless you can post the entire bail, you will end up paying a 10% fee to a bail bondsman, which is non-refundable, in order to "bail out" prior to your court date. If you have only a few thousand dollars to spend on your defense,  it is sometimes better to wait for your arraignment and put the money where it will count the most. Every person is different, and only you can decide. Remember to learn your loved ones phone numbers, the jailers will take your cell phone!

Most importantly, don't just plead! No matter what misinformation you hear, an effective attorney can often get you reduced time, or no jail time at all depending on the facts of your case. 

Drug & DUI Charges

If you are pulled over for Drunk Driving or Driving under the Influence, you must submit to Preliminary Alcohol Screening. To refuse to take the test will expose you to one year driver’s license revocation—a fate worse than death in our sprawling metropolis. A “Refusal” is a separate misdemeanor.

If your driver’s license is taken at the scene, you only have ten days to set a DMV hearing, or that right is waived. We will guide you through the parallel action taken by the Administrative Law process, that may or may not decide the case the same way the criminal court proceeding did.

Remember, if asked by an officer to search your person or your car, “Just say no.” If arrested, the only thing you should say is “I want my lawyer.” Having an experienced professional on your side will make all the difference. 

Lewd Conduct

Stephanie Loftin has successfully taken many lewd conduct cases to trial, and has negotiateda plea in hundreds of others. Many police officers do not know the nuances of this law, and you can read more about this in the following OC Weekly article as well as in LA TIMES regarding the 2016 win in Long Beach. Read the Statement of Decision in "People v Moroney" HERE.

Domestic Violence

Stephanie started a Domestic Violence clinic for battered women in the early ninties, and put on clinics, free of charge, until such time as the organization grew to have full time counsel. She has represented countless women and men and understands it is not easy to "just leave." 

Theft Crimes

In recent years, prosecutors have been guilty of overcharging crimes. In one case, due to drug addiction, a nineteen year old stole a friend's credit card and used it to buy less than $100.00 at a Target. She was charged with felony commercial burglary (for entering Target with felonious intent), residential burglary (for taking out of the purse at the person's home) and had the book thrown at her.  Even the "victim" was appalled. This was her first offense, but the D.A. wanted some serious time. With careful negotiation, she was able to spend a year in a residential treatment facility, which addressed the root cause of the problem.