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If you do not make your own estate plan, the State of California will do it for you. Make sure your estate planning docs get reviewed at least every five years!

Whether you need a will, a living trust, powers of attorney, or probate, we can advise you. We will make sure you have HIPPA release language and updates in the law on all your estate planning documents.


Guardianships are sought when minors need someone to act "in loco parentis" or in place of the parents. They expire when the minor reaches the age of eighteen.

There are also times a parent or loved one cannot handle their own affairs, we can help you obtain a Conservatorship. The Probate court encompasses all these matters, and we will handle your situation with sensitivity.


Wills & Trust

Trust administration


If you own real property, you may need a trust. There are also some other options. Come in for a no cost consultation or trust review.

After a decedent passes, notifications must be sent and new deeds made. We can help you administer the trust.

From "Womb to Tomb" we are here for your legal needs. We regularly appear in Los Angeles and will personally be there for your case.